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How did I get here? Hmm, great question.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in drawing. This has brought me into visual creation, to which I’m very enthusiastic. I’m also ever-expanding into other creative mediums. I don’t really have just one “thing”. I enjoy taking up the opportunity to get into uncharted creative territory. That being said, I often find myself illustrating, painting and sculpting clay figurines.

…getting deeper

I grew up in a small mountain community, located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Living in a small town certainly has its charm and I always took advantage of our local ski hill and stunning alpine hikes. I think it’s important to get down and check out the bugs to make sure I keep in touch with that childhood curiosity. I also travel as often as I can: check out my blog for some adventures!

I wasn’t always in this field.

I studied Therapeutic Recreation – Gerontology, which brought many rewards but I could not ignore my true passion of creating visuals that (hopefully) make people smile. I studied Digital Media and IT at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), which gave me practical, hands-on skills to tap into the digital side of art. With these acquired skills I create logos, advertising and graphic art, amongst other products.

It does make a difference when you’re passionate about your work!

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