Beginner Art Journaling

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Art Journaling is visual diary of things that you like, encounter or experience. It’s not just restricted to that though! There’s no rules; If something inspires you, draw it!

Journal Supplies

    • Unlined Sketchbook
    • Pencil
    • Black Pen (I recommend UniPen Fine-liners)
    • Paint – Watercolour or Acrylic works nicely
    • Markers
    •  Paper, glue, magazine clippings and anything else you’d like to add

How Do I Get Started?

You don’t start the journey without taking the first step! There is no rulebook for Art Journaling. Don’t overthink it and make it too complicated from the start; everyone was a beginner. Think you’re not creative or can’t draw? That’s okay! This is expression and it can be as simple or as busy as you’d like it to be. Like writing in a diary, Art Journaling can collect your thoughts and expression on paper. I was never a strong writer, so this is a better alternative for me.

I like to draw cities or places I’ve travelled to. Plants look great too! There’s tons of inspiration online so check out Pinterest or do Google search. Even if you don’t like your first try, don’t lose steam and give up. Keep with it and you will improve over time. Practicing will allow you to hone in and find your style.

If your still don’t know where to start, just sketch things that you enjoy. What are your favourite foods? Make a breakfast scene with some toast and a cup full of your favourite drink. Sketch the house you grew up in. Draw in the family dog and your childhood friends. Make another page dedicated to your favourite sports team. Cut out their logo and a few players from a brochure and glue it on. Write about some games you’ve watched, who you were with and scores. How about sketching your room and the interesting things you have in there. If you enjoy music, draw or paste a clipping of your instrument, songs you enjoy playing, and some chords/bars of a song. Paint a background and use a stencil to overlay a pattern onto the page. The great thing about Art Journaling is that there isn’t any restrictions on what you can do. Draw what you did today. Did something abnormal happen? Did you enjoy the sun? Did you hang out with friends and see a movie? Tell a story.

How about Travel Art Journals?

Art Travel Journals are great because it’s a theme that offers a lot of aesthetically pleasing options. Cities provide architectural elements that look great on paper. Draw plants that are found in that region and the food that the locals love. Use the name of the city of country as a header. Add style to the name with different fonts or use calligraphy for flare. The title doesn’t even need to be at the top of the page. Put it vertically, at the bottom or don’t put it on at all! Pick a city or a country that you enjoy and go from there.

Experimentation and Patience are Key

Try a variety of colours and mediums to find what you like. Art Journaling is a great tool to decrease stress and anxiety, all while bringing you enjoyment through creative expression. Soon you’ll be flipping through the pages of your sketchbook, reflecting on how far you’ve come in your creative journey!

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